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Shields illuminating type OPV
  • Shields illuminating type OPV

Shields illuminating type OPV

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Brand:Завод Энергооборудование, филиал ОАО Белсельэлектросетьстрой
Country of manufacture:Belarus

Shields illuminating type OPV intended for reception and distribution of electric power lines and protection from overloads and short-circuit currents in the lighting network AC frequency of 50 Hz at a nominal voltage of 380/220 V and for infrequent operations on and off electric circuits.

Shields are installed in industrial, public and office buildings, and are mounted on the vertical surfaces of building structures or built into a niche.

Dimensions niches for mounting flaps (LhVhN) mm 360h180h260 - shields for OPV-6 360h180h410 - shields for OPV-12.

As the input apparatuses apply automatic or non-automatic circuit breakers and RCD.

circuit breakers (in accordance with the ordering customer), fuses, circuit breakers are used to protect branch circuits lines.

The design of the flaps enables replacement devices installed in the panel without removing the panel and provides an opportunity to service devices and contact connections from the front side.

Behind the door panel is operational panel connected on the devices it controls, eliminating access to live parts when the door is open.

Dimensions shields are shown in Figures 1-4.

electrical circuit diagrams are shown in Figures 5-12.

Terms of Use:

  • maximum height above sea level - 1000 m;
  • operating ambient temperature range from - 45 to + 40 ° C;
  • atmospheric type - II according to GOST 15150-69;
  • environment - not containing conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that reduce flaps parameters in unacceptable limits;
  • pads are not intended for installation and operation in earthquake, explosion and fire zones;
  • working position - vertical.

The average service life guards - 25 years.

Degree of protection boards - IP31 according to GOST 14254-96.

The degree of protection provided by the operational panel, with the door open flap - IP20C GOST 14254-96.

Climatic performance - U3 according to GOST 15150-69.

The warranty period flaps - two years from the date of commissioning, but not more than 30 months from the date of shipment, subject to the conditions of transportation, storage and operation.

Package Included:

  • guard;
  • key;
  • passport;
  • electric scheme;
  • operational documents on the set of the equipment, subject to delivery by the manufacturer.

Major parameters of the flaps are shown in the table below:

parameter name parameter value
Rated voltage on the input panel, in 380/220
The nominal AC frequency, Hz 50
incoming unit Rated current, A 40; 63; 100
Rated residual current of RCD at the panel, mA 300; 100
The maximum number of zischitnyh devices installed in the dashboard for the branch circuits of lines:
a) circuit breakers and RCDs
b) Fuse
6; 12
6; 12
The rated current of the circuit breaker and / or RCD circuit group, A 10; 16; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 63
Nominal disconnecting differintsialny current group RCD circuit mA 10; thirty
Group Nominal fuse current, A 6; 10; 16; 25
Brand:Завод Энергооборудование, филиал ОАО Белсельэлектросетьстрой
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Type:Lighting distribution board
Information is up-to-date: 05.12.2018
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